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Spindle Fitness
You'll do more push-ups when someone's watching.

You know that question everyone asks: ?If you could have only one--a personal chef, masseuse or trainer--which would you choose??

Our answer has always been a trainer, since there?s nothing more motivating than having an expert lead us through personalized workouts--but we?ve never been able to justify spending a hundred bucks twice a week. That?s $800 a month. Not. A. Chance.

But the times they are a-changing at Lincoln Park?s Spindle Fitness, a first-of-its-kind training studio that offers clients affordable access to trainers...on their own time.

After you join for $199 a month (that covers three sessions a week), Spindle?s trainers will do a head-to-toe body and health assessment. Within a day, they?ll design a personalized program just for you. ?

Each time you go to the simple studio, which is stocked with just the necessary equipment for Spindle?s workouts, your instructions for the day will be delivered, Mission Impossible-style, through the studio?s app on your phone or tablet. If you go all 12 times in a month, you?ll see quick results.

Members can show up to complete sessions anytime during open hours, and there?s always an on-site trainer to help you through new movements.

Personal training made accessible and affordable? If only they could do the same for massages and meals!

Spindle Fitness, 1153 W. Diversey Pkwy.; 312-283-5849 or

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