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"DWTS" pro Witney Carson smiles in the Cryosauna despite -220 degree fog

Have you heard? There's a cult-y health-and-beauty craze called Cryohealth, in which everyone from industry bigwigs to L.A. Lakers take three-minute cold-air baths (from $50) to reduce inflammation, detox and ramp up weight loss. We went to Cryohealth to test it out.

First we changed into a robe, socks and gloves (to prevent our extremities from getting frostbite) and climbed into a “cryochamber.” Imagine two coat closets side by side--the first, where you doff your robe, is a comparatively toasty 40 degrees. The second is the deep freeze, a frosty cloud of minus 220 degrees, actually. (There's also an open-topped "cryosauna" more suitable for claustrophobes.)

We were surprised by how quickly our time passed, thanks to selecting Pharrell’s “Happy” as our chamber music. And we delighted in the fun factor--the waiting room was an eclectic mix of distance runners, real estate agents and Sandra Bernhard. After three minutes total (during which we revved up our metabilism to burn 800 extra calories, supposedly), we felt positively invigorated. The endorphin rush was like that whoosh of blood you experience when you jump in a cold pool.

Cryohealth, 351 N. La Cienega Blvd.; 310-360-0780 or

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