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Chin up, buttercup.

Ever feel a strain in your shoulders or neck and think to yourself, I’m so stressed out--I’ve got to stop working/worrying/whatever so much?

That discomfort may actually be caused by the way you hold your smartphone when you text, surf the web or check social media.

“Text neck” is a widespread problem, according to spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, of New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Hansraj did a study that showed we add ten pounds of weight for every inch we lean forward. That means our neck muscles are being seriously strained, lugging around up to 60 extra pounds as we crane downward.

What’s the solution? Though it sounds (and initially feels) awkward, Hansraj advises holding your mobile device up as close as possible to eye level. And then there’s Lumo Lift, a pin you wear on your lapel that gently vibrates when it feels you curving your neck and shoulders forward. It also tracks your daily exercise--but you’ll have to check the results on your smartphone.

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