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The Worlds First Water Bottle Self-Massager
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Ah, the foam roller. An excellent tool for self-massage and muscle recovery, yet a cumbersome accessory if ever there was one.

Don’t fret, it’s Mobot to the rescue!

Created by a massage therapist and yoga instructor who was tired of carrying around her unwieldy foam roller and water bottle, the Mobot is a stainless-steel bottle clad in nontoxic EVA foam.

The concept of this two-in-one tool: Drink water during your workout to hydrate tissue and make it more pliable, and then experience the benefits of foam rolling afterward.

The larger 40-ounce size ($65) feels more natural for larger muscles like the quads and lower back, while the 18-ounce design ($40) gives neck and calf muscles a nice release. We recommend rolling with an empty bottle--unless you’re particularly relaxed by the sound of slushing liquid.

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