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Full Psycle
Watch out, she's catching up to you.

We’ve always had a love-hate relationship with spinning.

Love the way it burns calories fast and makes us sweat like crazy. Hate the same-old music, manic teachers and smelly studios.

But we’ve finally found our pedaling happy place at Lincoln Park’s new Full Psycle, a high-tech studio with intense 45-minute classes, motivational (in a non-sappy way) teachers and killer music.

We booked our first class online, picked our bike location and answered a few getting-to-know-you questions. (Newbies get a free week and, depending on which class package you buy, a free heart-rate monitor.)

At the studio, we parked in the free lot (!) and pulled on a pair of brand-new loaner spinning shoes.

During class, we kept our eyes glued to a large screen that monitored the speed and effort level of everyone in the room. The display IDs participants by bike number, not name, so we didn’t feel too self-conscious about being near the back of the pack. And thanks to several sets of weight training (while still pedaling), our upper bodies felt the burn, too.

We were feeling very accomplished when we got home; a feeling that was later confirmed by an email we received with the day’s stats, including the distance we rode (13.1 miles) and the estimated calories we burned (almost 500!).

Our relationship with spin has turned the corner.

$24 a class or $99 for an eight-class-a-month package; Full Psycle, 2121 N. Clybourn Ave.; 312-685-2289 or

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