The Dos and Donts of talking to pregnant people


You knew something was up when your pal stopped eating sushi and started knitting booties. And now it's official: She's pregnant! But how do you talk to her in this delicate state? Here, the do’s and don’ts of preggo conversation.

Do: Say congratulations.

Don't: Tell her about the time your sister’s perineum ripped during labor and she needed stitches and couldn't walk for a week.

Do: Tell her she looks fantastic, even if she has swollen ankles and is waddling around in a muumuu.

Don't: Ask if she plans to breastfeed.
Or get an epidural.
Or purée her own baby food.

Do: Make sure she's got a comfy place to sit.

Do: Offer her a glass of wine, if you're offering to others.

Don't: Judge her if she drinks it.

Do: Ask if she's settled on a name.

Don't: Demand to know what that name is and then ask 19 times if it rhymes with Shmemma.

Do: Volunteer to babysit.

Don't: Ask if you can be a godparent.

Do: Tell her she’ll make a great mother.

Don't: Plop your hand right in the middle of her belly, unless you are related by blood. And even then--ask first.


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