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The Cup That Knows Exactly What Youre Drinking
Hot dudes don't care about calories.

There are many obvious ways to keep track of calories. There’s the fancy fitness band, the nifty app and even the good ol’ journal. But all those require one thing: your assistance.

Not Vessyl. Meet the very first smart cup.

Unlike the methods we just listed, Vessyl a 13-ounce thermos-looking container) does all the work for you. Simply fill it with liquid (coffee, smoothie, juice, wine) and Vessyl’s genius sensor will detect exactly what that liquid is and then display its nutritional content (calories, sugar, protein, etc.) on the side of the cup. Cool.

But hold on. Is this really useful? And does it really work?

We had some doubts, so we put it to the test, starting with our morning coffee. Vessyl nailed it and also knew that it contained 93 milligrams of caffeine. That night, it figured out we were having a glass of wine. And although the next morning’s smoothie only showed up as a “mix,” Vessyl could still detect its calorie count.

Vessyl can also tell you just how many eight-ounce glasses of water you’ve had each day. (You should be shooting for eight.) But beware: It knows how many glasses of wine you’ve had too.

Available for preorder ($119).

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