It’s crazy to pick where you live based on your skin or hair type, right? “Not so,” says any woman who has ever gone to Denver and watched her frizzy rat’s nest transform into a sleek and polished 'do.

Here, nine cities where you just might feel more comfortable in your own weird-ass body.

city seattle

If You're Prone to Sunburn: Seattle

The UV index, which runs on a scale of 1 to 11 to measure sun radiation, averages a measly 2 in this cloudy West Coast outpost. The gloom might sound depressing--until you consider how much younger you’ll look without sun-damaged skin.

city phoenix

If You're Oily with Breakouts: Phoenix

Afternoon humidity hovers around 23 percent in this super-dry desert climate (compare that with 54 percent in New York City and 64 percent in Los Angeles). After about three days here, you’ll notice fewer breakouts and less of that persistent sheen you’re always blotting.

city honolulu

If You're Worried About Wrinkles: Honolulu

The Hawaiian capital has crazy low rates of air particle pollution, which contains “free radicals” that can cause rashes and damage healthy collagen, leading to what’s politely called “loss of elasticity.” Plus, won’t all that beach time and pineapple just make you feel younger?

city sanfran

If You're Fair (and Proud of It): San Francisco

There’s no pressure to be tan in the tech-geek capital. San Francisco has the lowest number of tanning beds per capita of any U.S. city.

city neworleans

If You've Got Dry Skin: New Orleans

You’ll wake up to an average 84 percent humidity in this steamy Southern city, which will feed your skin the moisture it needs to stay supple and healthy. Just remember to hydrate (average summer temps are in the 90s) and lay off the excessive hurricane-drinking.

city denver

If You've Got Frizzy Hair: Denver

Basically the polar opposite of New Orleans: Cooler temps, plus low winds and humidity keep frizz to a minimum in the mile-high city.

city boise

If You're Cursed With Asthma: Boise

Good air quality and low pollen counts make this a great place for asthma sufferers to call home. See where your city ranks on the annual list produced by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

city yuma

If You've Got Arthritis: Yuma

Abundant sunshine in this Arizona city--more than 90 percent of it every day--provides the vitamin D that arthritis sufferers need to prevent loss of bone density.

city miami

If You're Into Botox: Miami

Just want to get your eyelids done in peace? Head to Miami, which boasts the highest number of plastic surgeons (18) per 100,000 adults.