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Ah, SoulCycle. You go for the workout, but truth is, you stay for the people-watching. Check out our handy guide to the characters you'll encounter, and next time you go for a spin, see if you can spot 'em all. You'll forget all about your burning legs. (Almost.)

/images/articles/The Pro

The Pro

She will miss exactly zero cues from the instructor. You will be not-so-secretly jealous of her body.

/images/articles/The Oldie But Goodie

The Oldie But Goodie

Beforehand, you might be concerned about this sexagenarian’s health. (This place has a defibrillator, right?) Forty minutes in, she's wiping the floor with your sweaty, 30-years-younger butt. Go girl.

/images/articles/The Sweater

The Sweater

No matter how bountiful the towel supply, this gal's dripping all over the place. Prepare to sanitize, but don’t judge--she can’t help it.

/images/articles/The Groupie

The Groupie

She can be found front and center and is the grown-up version of the kid you hated in middle school for sucking up to the teacher. Be forewarned: She will most definitely push you out of the way to get face time with her idol the instructor post-class.

/images/articles/The Slacker

The Slacker

Wearing a discolored T-shirt with more than a few holes, she’ll choose a bike as far away from the instructor as possible and have the rhythm of a drunk toddler.

/images/articles/The Lulu Lackey

The Lulu Lackey

The outfit: Matched. The hair: Coiffed. The juice: Green.

/images/articles/The Kool-Aid Drinker

The Kool-Aid Drinker

This person is having an experience, you guys. Symptoms include closing of eyes, swaying of hips and maybe even an Amen or two.

/images/articles/The Mirror Worshipper

The Mirror Worshipper

When confronted with her ceaseless staring, she will say that it helps her maintain perfect form. That is a lie, and you both know it.

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