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If your travel or work schedule has you too busy to keep an appointment with a personal trainer, there?s an app for that.

LIFT Session connects personal trainers with clients via an iPad for live video sessions.

It works like this: You download the free app, create a profile and then request a date and time for your workout. Your trainer contacts you with his or her workout plan, you accept and it?s a date!

At the time of your workout, you need have only an eight-by-eight-foot space and whatever weights or other special equipment your trainer requests. (Since the whole system?s designed for traveling light, it's usually not much.) The app even tracks your performance during each session, giving you a record of your progress over time.

For now, LIFT is set up to work only with a trainer you already know in real life (i.e. someone from your local gym or a friend's reco). But a recent $1 million cash infusion--from the cofounder of 24-Hour Fitness, no less--will be used to set up a ?trainer marketplace? so you can meet new workout professionals through the app.

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