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We love a good makeover, be it a major transformation (hey, Jennifer Hudson) or a subtle revamp (yes, Reese Witherspoon).

Perhaps that's why we're so smitten with Keoni Hudoba.

Hudoba is the creator of the Cyc Fitness Method, where for 45 minutes you work your tail off on a bike while using weights, all to an amazing sound track. The best part? You ride in darkness so no one can see your weird workout grimace. It's basically one of our favorite classes ever. (Find studios in NYC; Boston; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; and Madison, Wisconsin.)

Looking at Hudoba (and good heavens, look at him), you'd think the guy was born with a six-pack. But he underwent quite an amazing transformation. We spent the day with him and learned how he shed more than 100 pounds and became a professional trainer and then the founder of the ever-growing Cyc empire (steamy showers included).

This video is the fourth installment of Passion Projects, a partnership with our friends at Delta Faucet that aims to celebrate the creative people who spend their days immersed in their passions and, in Hudoba's case, dripping with sweat. 

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