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Vie Active
Thumbs up to funky tights that shave off a pants size.

Micro-trends in workout wear are as plentiful as exercise fads. Neon today, pastels tomorrow--but there?s usually not much real difference from one outfit to the next.

Not this time. Compression socks and leggings, which have long been a must-have for distance runners, have taken a stylish turn with two-year-old Aussie brand Vie Active?s function-meets-fashion offerings. They?re as cute as they are tech-y. Our favorites are a leopard print, a dark-spotted cat design and a purple-and-blue fabric.

In addition to increasing blood flow, which oxygenates muscles so they can recover faster, the pieces take inches off your butt, thighs and waist, thanks to their light yet über-strong fabric. All before you even mount a bike.

And unlike other compression leggings we?ve seen, these tights don?t give you camel toe because they have a gusset--a triangular patch of fabric strategically sewn into the crotch--which allows a bit of extra room down there.

Don?t be alarmed when the sales staff at the new Vie Active boutique hand you a pair of leggings ($40 to $130) to try on that seem to be as wide as one of your thighs. They stretch--but are so comfy, a friend donned her leopard leggings with heels, then went out dancing.

Vie Active, 1218 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice; 310-890-2385 or

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