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Sound Bathing is the New Meditation
A sound bath is a great way to recover from stressful work.
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Right next to yoga and white wine, meditation is pretty much our go-to way to relax. Now we?ve found a new de-stressing method that?s even less work: the sound bath.

There?s no water involved in this newest L.A. craze. All you do is stretch out on a floor mat and rest your head on a pillow. Eyes closed, you listen to a practitioner play gongs and ?singing? bowls. The sound is soothing, and the vibrations penetrate your body tissue and chill you out.

We tried a 90-minute session ($25) led by Reiki master Jamie Ford at her Echo Park studio. Her instruments are tuned to various planetary orbits--yes, we rolled our eyes too--but all we can say is that the night after, we slept without any tossing or turning.

Sound Space, 4688 Eagle Rock Blvd.; 323-839-6251 or

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