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Shopping Centers Are the New Gyms
What? Shopping burns calories.

We tolerate the gym and endure yoga class. But we’re still always finding excuses to skip the exercise and, you know, go shopping.

Enter the Shops at Park Lane, a discount-shopping mecca we’ve recently parlayed into our new spot for working out. Here, a few creative ways to burn some calories while you’re there. 

Free Fitness Fridays Every Friday in May, Pilates/barre hot spot Studio 6 is hosting free workout classes in the new urban park between Zoës Kitchen and Starbucks. Bring your own mat at noon each Friday and take part in body-sculpting classes under the Dallas sun.

Running stairs Yes, running up and down the steps at a shopping center counts as exercise. There are a few sets to choose from, but we love the great stairs on the north side of the center by Bar Louie; they’re wide enough that you can run around slowpokes, and they offer stunning views of an awesome waterfall-like feature.

Ramp walking Walking the ramps inside the parking garages on either side of the center will tone up your glutes and legs in no time. Make your workout more challenging by adding lunges as you do your thing.

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