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During Burn60, we were dreaming of setting our butt on a spin cycle.

After nine years in Brentwood, Burn 60 is opening a new studio in Thousand Oaks next month and a West Hollywood location later in the spring. We thought, Hey, we like to jog. This will be no big whoop, right?

Wrong. At Burn 60’s Signature class, we were told to sign up for a center slot among the ten treadmills, so the teacher could keep an eye on us during our first class.

The other men and women were all dressed in shorts and tanks, even though it was chilly in the studio. We soon learned why during a brisk 12-minute run, as the instructor cracked motivational jokes. Next, we hit the floor for 12 minutes of high-intensity interval exercises (kettlebell lifts, burpees). 

Then it was 12 more minutes of alternating one-minute sprints with one minute of jogging. KMN--but the class was only half over!

After hitting the wall at 45 minutes, we managed to complete the hour sesh in a haze. Later we received an email saying we’d burned 600 calories--good to know, since we spent the next two days limping in delicious full-body soreness.) For more treadmill classes, check out FitMix Mashup, Precision at Equinox or Tread N’ Shred at Crunch.

Burn 60, 159 S. Barrington Pl.; 310-476-5656 or

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