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Run This Town
See ya in November.

Fitness today is all about the niche. Cycling, dancing, rowing, even trampoline jumping have their own dedicated studios.

But what about those of us who just like to strap on some sneaks and hit the road?

Introducing Mile High Run Club.

New York’s first treadmill-only running studio has opened up just in time for those subzero, oh-hell-no-I’m-not braving-the-bridge mornings.

The short of it is: Yes, the classes are largely for cardio (à la SoulCycle). But they also serve a higher purpose than just getting a super-sweaty workout. You’ll become a better runner. (The instructors are pro athletes, marathon runners, Ironmen and the like.)

We recently stopped by a 7 a.m. class, and even at the crack of dawn, neon lights and oldies beats were in full effect. Known as the Dash 28, our session involved 28 minutes of interval running on the treadmill (varying from jogs to sprints at different inclines), along with a 10-minute finale of kettlebell work (squats, lunges, planks--woof).

If you’re a marathon hopeful, there’s also an extended class called The Distance. Kudos to those who can jam out a 50-minute run. We’re just gonna aim for not sucking air in 28.

$34 a class; 28 E. Fourth St. (btw. Lafayette St. and Bowery); 212-466-6472 or

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