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Air Aerial Fitness
Strap-assisted stretching is a mind-bender.

It all started with a drive-by: There we were cruising on Melrose when we spied a second-floor strip mall window full of what looked like stretchy purple tentacles. What gives? we wondered--then we saw the sign for Air Aerial Fitness. This was the new exercise studio our friend had told us about, where you stretch, resist, climb--and if you’re lucky, fly--with the assistance of elastic ribbons of silk hanging from the ceiling.

C’mon, we thought, what sort of workout could pulling a couple of bands be? It turns out, quite intense for your abs and arms. In the 55-minute class, you’re basically lifting your own body weight up, down and sideways into air burpees, backbends and a pose we nicknamed the upside-down pretzel.

This class was more sweat-inducing than the mellowish aerial yoga (and even vigorous barre classes) we’ve taken before, and we regretted not having eaten breakfast when the umpteenth inversion brought on a passing nausea. Still, the class was a hard-won hoot and we want to go back, since it’s the closest we’ll ever get to running off and joining the circus.  

Air Aerial Fitness, 8474 W. Third St., West Hollywood; 312-288-9614 or

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