Pay for Play
Peddling is only half the battle.

You don’t need us to tell you that boutique fitness studios will cost you a pretty penny (ya know, $40 to ever so slightly lift your leg like Karlie Kloss).

But get this: Some New Yorkers are upping the ante (by a cool $350 a month) to simply have someone drag them to a class.

Welcome to the world of SIN Workouts.

SIN (Strength in Numbers) is a concierge service that eliminates the boundaries that stop you from working out.

Here’s what that means: For $350 a personal motivator will remove any obstacles between you and your favorite SoulCycle bike. Your concierge is a certified personal trainer who doesn’t train you--but who will go to the ends of the earth so that you don’t miss 6 a.m. spin.

For instance, they can ring your doorbell with a green juice in hand, pick up and launder your dirty gym clothes after class, or even give you encouraging high-fives on the Barry’s treadmill. (Each of these services has an associated fee, plus $100 for your concierge to attend a class with you.)

We told you it was nuts.

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