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You may be WhatsApp friends with your plumber, but texting your doctor? Better luck waiting in the ER.

Here’s an idea: Talk to your employer about Sherpaa, a new 24-7 digital health-care service that lets you converse with docs via phone, email or even text message to figure out the problem before you hit the waiting room.

Sherpaa works in tandem with your existing health insurance (meaning, your employer pays $30 a head; you don’t pay a cent). When ailments arise, say a croupy cough or a freaky-looking rash, send Sherpaa a note or a photo and answer a few Q’s. (Do you have any allergies? Sore throat?) They’ll then advise whether you should go to the ER, see a specialist (they can set up a referral on the spot), pick up a prescription (they can prescribe without seeing you) or just stay home.

Why does this help? You benefit because it saves you time and expensive copays. Your company benefits because it stops paying for things you don’t need, like unnecessary emergency-room visits.

In fact, Sherpaa has been reported to save businesses like Tumblr and Meetup almost $4,000 a year per employee. We think we just made your case.

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