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Mushrooms Are the New Kale
It's what's for dinner.

You’re a pro with a Vitamix, you’re always training for some kind of race and you meditate on the reg. Should mushrooms be the next addition to your already healthy lifestyle?

Mushrooms have been used medicinally for ages, but they’re picking up steam thanks to companies like Mushroom Matrix, which is making it easier than ever to reap the seemingly countless benefits of fungi. Here’s the deal. 

1. There’s a wide array of benefits. There are more than 150,000 species of mushrooms, and according to Mushroom Matrix founder Sandra Carter, MPH, Ph.D., each species has unique benefits to aid in immunity, sports performance, energy and general wellness.

2. Not all shrooms are created equal. Unfortunately, benefitting from fungi isn’t as easy as throwing a few button mushrooms into a salad. Carter recommends any of these nine species, which have been proven most efficient, for maximum results.

3. They’re easy to incorporate into your diet. If you like to cook, try adding mushrooms into your favorite recipes. (Might we recommend our creamy risotto?) If you’re not so kitchen-savvy, Carter recommends mixing a 100 percent organic powdered mushroom blend into foods like soups, smoothies and hummus, where they add a subtly earthy flavor and tons of key nutrients.

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