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Morning Glory
Best thing to happen to Wednesdays.

A piping-hot soy latte, the business section of the Times and a quick scroll through Insta. Ya know, the usual morning.

Ever thought of hitting a dance club before all that?

Daybreaker thinks you should.

It?s a regular event in NYC that gives you all the best parts of going out dancing (bumping tunes, laughing with friends, cathartically shaking it off) and none of the worst (velvet ropes, stilettos, drunk people).

How? By having a DJ spin at the crack of dawn.

The events are twice monthly (getting down from 7 to 10 a.m.) and rotate between various venues. (The most recent was last Wednesday at Gilded Lily.) They dish out coffee, juices, breakfast pastries, beats and surprise performances (ahem, like, break-dancers). And as strange as it sounds initially, it?s kind of the best way to liven up your humdrum routine.

Our advice: Get there at about 7:45. That way enough people have started moving around, but the whole scene hasn?t popped off yet. By 9, it?s jam...freaking...packed.

Sign up online or follow Daybreaker on Facebook to receive updates of when and where the next event will take place ($25 each).

Oh, and pack a change of clothes (kinda like you would for the gym). When ?0 to 100? drops, we guarantee you?ll regret that pencil skirt.

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