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The Ride: Immersive Fitness
You mean your spin class doesn't bathe you in colored light?

Are you someone who avoids exercise because you find it boring? Sorry, but you can’t use that excuse anymore, because a new spin class just rode into town that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s called “The Ride: Immersive Fitness,” and is offered only at Santa Monica’s 24-Hour Fitness gym (free for members; others pay $20).

First you mount your bike, facing a multiplex-size screen. Then the lights dim and the screen erupts into hallucinatory images--moving stars morph into neon smoke puffs, which turn into a track going up and down hills in a futuristic city. All the while, your instructor shouts out adjustments to your bike’s knob to regulate the tension. 

Spin class veterans might take issue with the fact that the bikes don’t record your ride stats (like they do at Flywheel), or have clip-in foot pedals (like they do at SoulCycle). However, we liked the 45-minute length of the class and the maximum fat burn promised thanks to the HIIT training method: super-short bursts of high intensity effort followed by recovery.

After only one class, the pounds didn’t slide off--but we sure had a blast. 

Santa Monica Super-Sport, 2929 31st St., Santa Monica; 310-450-4464 or

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