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Sky High Sports
The secret to feeling young again.

You?re a grown-up. Your days of getting bruised up on the playground are over, right?

??Not at Sky High Sports, a trampoline park with two suburban locations where you can relive your rough-and-tumble childhood--literally. ??

A spike in cabin fever led us to the Naperville outpost in a nondescript industrial park one recent weekend. We went during the height of kiddo birthday party frenzy, but we?re told nights draw an older crowd--especially during Sky High?s AIRobics cardio classes, which cost just $8 for 50 minutes and claim to burn 1,000 calories.

Intent on unleashing our inner kid, we got barefoot--park rules, unless you buy grippy socks--and joined in. ($12 to jump for the first hour)

We sampled two arenas with floors and walls made entirely of springy trampolines--each divided by padded walkways. It was easy to get a nice high bounce going, even if we weren?t brave enough to body slam into the angled trampoline walls.

We did take a running leap off a bouncy ?runway? into a pit of soft foam blocks and slam-dunked a few basketballs with the air we could never get off hard pavement.

The whole time, we felt like we were getting away with something we shouldn?t.

Sky High Sports, 2244 Corporate Lane, Naperville; 630-717-5867 or

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