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How to Work Out While Pregnant
Mila's got the idea.

Eating ice cream. Bitching about your lower back. Creating the miracle of life. Being pregnant is the best. But keeping up your exercise routine while pregnant is easier said than done. We checked in with Nikki Glor, a fitness expert and the creator of NikkiFitness Baby Bootie Camp, for some tips on how to do it safely.

I just found out I’m pregnant. How long can I continue my regular routine of running and spin class?

You can continue at about 80 percent of your normal effort as long as you feel good and you've discussed it with your doctor. Avoid excessive bouncing (plyometrics), lying on your back in your second or third trimesters (crunches) and things like twists and inversions.

I'm terrified of childbirth. Are there any exercises I can do now to make it easier?

Keeping up your cardio endurance really does help, as does the occasional Kegel workout. I also found the focus and breathing of yoga to help me when my labor turned into an emergency C-section.

I've heard that working your abs too hard can cause the muscles to separate post-pregnancy. Is this true and what can I do to avoid it?

Sadly, it’s true. (And it happened to me!) Instead of doing lots of ab workouts, concentrate on things that work the entire core like planks and spinal extensions (also called the bird-dog move). Get on all fours, reach your right hand out straight in front of you like you’re trying to shake hands with someone, and extend your left (opposite side) leg behind you while reaching through your heel. Return to a starting position and repeat the move on the other side.

Help. I'm eight months pregnant and feel bloated and enormous. What can I safely do to stay active?

I am also eight months pregnant at the moment! Walking is honestly great exercise in and of itself, but you can also add challenges like side squats, triceps dips, elevated push-ups, mini lunges, glute kickbacks, outer thigh lifts and other moves from my new Slimnastics walking workout. Just remember to stay hydrated!

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