No time to make it to a professional massage? Use some common household objects for a quick at-home release.



Consider these puppies your at-home resistance band, great for releasing tight chest and shoulder muscles. Wrap the tights around your butt and hold one end in each hand, about a foot away from your body. Raise your arms upward and hold for a count of ten.


Golf/Tennis Balls

Got aching feet? Break out a golf or tennis ball and roll it around under your foot while standing, or massage yourself on the DL under your desk (use your opposite foot to apply extra pressure).


Tube Socks

They’re not just for grandpas! Soothe your aching mid-back by filling a knee sock with a few tennis balls and tying the ends. Work your homemade foam roller back and forth across sore areas. This is especially effective after a hot bath or shower, when muscles are at their loosest.


Water Bottle

Put a 12-ounce water bottle in your freezer, then roll it under your foot. The small size is the perfect shape to fit in your arch and the cool temperature eases inflammation.


Frozen peas

Pull a muscle? Wrap a bag of frozen peas in a kitchen towel and apply it as a cold compress within the first 48 hours to reduce swelling.


Rolling pin

If your quads are aching from that boot camp class (damn you, tire lifts), try the rolling pin technique. Simply roll it back and forth over your extended leg to knead and release the offending muscles.



Hear us out on this one: If all that golf ball rolling doesn’t work on your tootsies, try putting giant marshmallows between your toes for five minutes. It’ll stretch out the muscles and increase circulation. Or, at the very least, it’s an excuse to buy marshmallows.

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