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Despite your best efforts, you still got sick. (Should’ve bundled up.) Now do as the doctor says, then employ these tips on how to make yourself feel better while you weather the worst of it.


Fake a Hotel Bed

Get all cozy up in there. Hog all the pillows and use them to prop yoursef up so you can breathe a little easier and feel extra comfy.


Eat Lots of Soup

Put your significant other to work on whipping up a batch of our ultimate chicken noodle recipe.


Invest in a Eucalyptus-Scented Oil Diffuser

Fill your house with the soothing scent (which happens to be a key ingredient in Vick’s VapoRub).


Binge Watch TV and Movies

There’s no better activity when sick than chipping away at your Netflix or Amazon queue. You’re supposed to be resting, after all.


Cut the Caffeine

And drink fancy herbal tea instead to soothe that soare throat. (Ah, chamomile).


Splurge on Extra-Soft Tissues

You don’t want to end up looking like Rudolph.

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