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How Water Is Making You Fat
Because Giselle knows better than to chug from plastic.

It?s true: You?re supposed to drink plenty of water every day.

But you might be giving yourself belly fat in the process, says Beth Shaw, a fitness expert and the author of YogaLean.

Disposable plastic water bottles typically contain BPA, a common chemical that?s a known endocrine disruptor. That means it blocks the way our hormones are supposed to work. And one of these hormones, estrogen, can cause abdominal weight gain if it?s not properly balanced.

What?s the solution? According to Shaw, using a BPA-free vessel--like a fab stainless-steel or fashionable glass bottle--filled with filtered water. Shaw says when a family member stopped drinking from disposable bottles (and microwaving plastic-encased meals, which are also known to leach BPAs), her belly-fat problem began to dissipate.

We'll drink (water) to that.

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