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Vous Vitamin
Too much of a good thing.

The vitamin aisle...we can’t even. Between the hundreds of labels you’re supposed to read and the overall bad rap vitamins are getting these days, we’re not sure the whole thing is worth our time.

Now two Chicago doctors, Romy Block and Arielle Levitan, have created a way to match people with a vitamin formulation that might actually help them.

On their website, Vous Vitamin, you take a short lifestyle survey, which is used to formulate a personalized multivitamin that addresses your specific health needs.

Among the questions you’ll answer: How old are you? What part of the country do you live in (i.e., how much sun do you get)? How much do you exercise? Are you feeling tired, gaining weight, having joint pain, developing an unnatural obsession with One Direction? (JK--but the survey is very thorough!)

At the end, you’ll get your Vous Vitamin match and a list of everything your formulation contains: folic acid for metabolism, vitamin B12 for nerve function, iodine for thyroid health and so on.

Order up ($40 for a month’s supply), and then comes the really hard part: remembering to take it twice a day.

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