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Do You Know Who Your Ancestors Are?
There's more to your family tree...

Your dad pins his schnitzel addiction on his German lineage and your mom’s hair is dyed a rich auburn to match her Irish family tree. But your dark tresses and affection for feta have most people asking if you’re Greek. What gives?

Learn what those ancestry sites can't tell you by using National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 kit, which gives you a DNA-backed glimpse at your roots for $200. (And makes a thoughtful gift for the friend who has everything.)

After you get the kit in the mail, you’ll swab the insides of your cheeks and send back your sample. In ten weeks or so, you’ll get an email with the results, which reveal which part of the world your people originated in, where they migrated to and if they ever, um, partied with the Neanderthals. Plus, your results will be included as part of Nat Geo's Genographic Project, a research intiative to map human migration patterns. 

Who knows what your story will be?


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