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Demi Moore Is Doing It
If it's good enough for Demi...

When it comes to crazy health trends, we New Yorkers seem up for anything. Naked yoga? Sure. A workout concierge? To each their own.

So how about standing in a minus-250-degree chamber wearing nothing but skivvies, socks and gloves? Umm...

That?s what happens at KryoLife, a midtown clinic that specializes in cryotherapy.

Developed in the ?70s to treat rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment during which you stand in a cryosauna while the air is cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Fans like Demi Moore and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (who has a cryosauna in his house) say the process reduces inflammation, increases energy and diminishes the signs of aging--all while torching up to 800 calories. Well, not torching, but you get our icy drift.

That all sounds great, but it must be miserable, right? Shockingly, it doesn?t feel that cold. Our body was numb, but not uncomfortably so. You wouldn?t want to hang out for an extended period of time, but personally we left the chamber after three minutes feeling more refreshed than frozen.

Plus, if it means looking like this, we say the cold never bothered us anyway.

$90 per three-minute session; KryoLife, 57 W. 57th St. (at Sixth Ave.); 212-551-3333 or

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