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Dear Wow: To Break Or Not To Break the News

Dear Wow,

Well... this is awkward. But the other day I ran into my friend’s boyfriend walking down the street with his arm wrapped around another woman. I’m not sure if he noticed me, but this was definitely not a sisterly hug or anything! Do I tell my friend? (She’s not even a particularly close friend!) It’s eating me alive!

Nervous in San Diego

Dear Nervous,

Ugh, if only we could unsee some of the things we see in life. But, alas, we cannot, and as a result we have to do the right thing--which in this case means telling your pal. (After all, wouldn’t you want her to do the same?) The key is to keep open the opportunity for being wrong. Say something like, “I ran into Arnold the other day walking arm in arm with a woman I don’t know. I’m quite possibly misinterpreting the situation, but I thought you should know, since I got a weird vibe. Please ignore me if I’m totally off base.” This way, you’ve said your piece, but haven’t attached judgment to it. She can do with this information what she wishes.

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