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Dear Wow: My BFF Needs to Get Her Own Look

Dear Wow,

I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but recently I’ve noticed my best friend stealing my style. What started out as a similar haircut has now morphed into an embarrassing twin look at the office, complete with shoes, tights, skirts and sweaters. I’m not totally freaked out--yet. But I am fearful of looking like cheesy BFFs sans the friendship bracelets. Should I be flattered and go about my day, or should I confront her about my feelings?


Dear Ashley,

Congratulations! Your style must be impeccable given that the Mary-Kate to your Ashley wants to mimic your chic look. It takes most people years to find a following of admirers yet here your biggest fan is actually someone you hold dear and call your best friend. We're sure this leads to awkward moments every now and then, but it's nothing to get your feathers ruffled about. It is a form of flattery and should not be misconstrued as Swim Fan craziness.


Unless this is a pattern for your friend verus a phase. If that's the case, you should say something. Nothing confrontational, like “B****, you stole my look.” Rather, a civil conversation with her about how it took you a while to find what works for you. Mention those terrible highlights you tried after Kelly Clarkson debuted on American Idol. Or how you swore Drew Barrymore was the "it" girl in the '90s (as she obviously was) but soon realized that pixie haircuts, over-tweezed eyebrows and thigh-highs were not meant for you. Throw in some celebrities who you feel fit her style now--and leave out the fact that she has been copying yours. 

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