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Dear Wow: How to Handle A Slutty Houseguest

Dear Wow,

Every year my college buddy Max comes and stays with me for New Year's. Last year, he stayed out until 5 a.m., then brought home a gentleman friend and had very loud relations on my couch. How do I prevent this from happening again?


Dear Anonymous,

I think we’re all impressed with Max’s success and stamina. (This PureWow editor hasn’t been up past 11 since at least 2008.) That said, it’s rude to assume you can bring a one-night stand back to a friend’s house--and Max should really know better. If you’re worried you’ve set the precedent for more amorous couch time, just manage expectations early this (before the Champagne punch starts flowing). Say, “Max, I’m so glad you’re able to find love on New Year’s, but it makes me uncomfortable to have weird dudes on my sofa, so if you anticipate getting lucky, can you please ask your new pal if his apartment is available?” He’ll understand. And you’ll get some much-needed z’s.

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