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Dear Wow: How do I tell a coworker she has food in her teeth?

Dear Wow, 

Every once in a while this happens, and I never know what to do: How do I tell a coworker she has a spot of lunch stuck in her teeth? I'm not shy, but in those moments, I can’t really muster up the courage to say something. Help!  


Dear Cathy,  

Yes, it's a little awkward to say something--but this is a classic "do unto others" moment. Not only will you save your coworker the humiliation of going through her day with a gnarly piece of spinach on her face, you'll also save everyone she comes into contact with from feeling as uncomfortable as you do.  

Now, as far as presenting this information, tact is key. As soon as you notice it, pull her aside and break the news on the down-low. Keep the conversation short and sweet. Let her know you've got her back. Be humorous if your relationship warrants it. Then go about your business and pretend it never happened.

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