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Dear Wow: How do I apologize for butt-dialing my mother-in-law?

Dear Wow,

I made an accidental butt dial the other night. Sounds harmless, right? Well, this time it was to my mother-in-law during an expletive filled argument with my husband (aka her son). It's bad enough she heard us fighting. But I think I said the phrase, “You were raised by a she-devil” while she was on the line. And that makes the situation all the more awkward. I know an apology is needed, but can’t I just send flowers? Do they make "sorry I butt dialed you" bouquets yet?

--Apologetic in Dallas 

Dear Dallas,

We're not going to lie: This is awkward. But it's nothing you can’t overcome. Be proactive and make a point to apologize. Bonus points if you do it in person. Your mother-in-law deserves more than an impersonal text or bouquet of flowers. Focus the convo on how sorry you are for the butt dial (Silly technology! It happens!) and leave the argument and poor word choices out of it. Who knows what she actually heard--maybe nothing--but she'll appreciate your acknowledging the random call. Then make sure your phone is locked from now on, OK?

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