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Dear Wow: How Do I Find Time for Friends?

Dear Wow,

Between my job, commute and commitments, my friendships have been suffering. I try to make an effort, but somehow there’s always something standing between me and ladies' night. How do I make time for my friends when I don’t even have enough time for myself?

Struggling Friend

Dear Friend,

First off, life isn't a Sex and the City episode, and furthermore, friendship is a two-way street. So cut yourself a break.   

We recommend instating a Pick-a-Date policy with your pals. Select a day on the calendar (say, the ninth of every month) and dub it “lady day.” Agree to treat this day as you would any important commitment and stick with it. This way, you're guaranteed to catch up in an intimate setting once a month, and you won’t have to rely on the occassional party or scrambling for last-minute drinks.

And in between those scheduled meet-ups, practice the ancient art of writing. Even if she lives only across town, sending handwritten notes is one of the most thoughtful things you can do.

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