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The biggest trend in workouts right now: online streaming. In the ’80s and ’90s: the celebrity VHS tape. Ready for some serious cringing?

Heather Locklear

Even in her heyday, Locklear was at one time between jobs. So, after Dynasty and before Melrose Place (1990), she filmed “Your Personal Workout.” It literally begins with a “funky march.” You’re welcome.

Alyssa Milano

At the height of her Who’s the Boss? fame (1988), America’s sweetheart released “Teen Steam,” a terribly unfortunate pajama-party-inspired aerobics class. The only thing that saves this borderline inappropriate disaster is Milano’s amazing metallic Adidas.

Mark Wahlberg

Beware: You...will...cry. This is a pure 1993 gem. So much whispering. So many un-ironic uses of the word “fly.” How was this not an SNL skit?


Having a body everyone would kill for in 1992, Cher felt it her duty to not only film a series of workout tapes but also introduce them with an impassioned four-minute monologue on her personal calling to step aerobics.

Paula Abdul

Why wouldn’t the dancer of the ’90s get in on that sweet, sweet VHS money? It was the promise of a new day.


If hair-flipping were a calorie burner...

Jane Fonda

We know: duh. Fonda is synonymous with the trend because, well, she started it. We just couldn’t not include these outfits. The bangs, the headbands, the leg’s all too much.

Mary Hart

If you thought Fonda was cheesy, get a load of “Shape Up,” the 1989 tape from the Entertainment Tonight host. Subtle, guys.

Estelle Getty

All jokes aside, this one will make your heart grow three sizes. Presenting Sophia from The Golden Girls encouraging senior citizens to get up and move.

The Hot Sundaes

And now your reward for making it this far. The bad workout to end all bad workouts: the “Go for It” music video from Saved by the Bell. Always remember to cool down.

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