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Can Local Honey Help Fight Seasonal Allergies?
Is this the secret sauce?

Winter is finally over. The sky's bluer, the sun's shining and you're...stuck inside. Seasonal allergies are the worst, and we're open to trying just about anything to get some relief.  

Could local honey be the solution? 

The idea is that since local honey contains some of the same pollen that's making your eyes red and nose runny, you can use it to gradually introduce the pollen into your body to build up an immunity to its effects (kind of like a vaccine).

The evidence as to whether honey works as an allergy treatment is still anecdotal, but we don't see any harm in drizzling some of the sweet stuff over our morning yogurt or on buttery biscuits, or even blending some into a frozen treat

If it works, awesome. If not, you've just added a delicious and versatile new ingredient to your pantry. 

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