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As anyone who has ever been to college or Paris knows, there’s nothing quite like the combo of cigarettes and coffee. But apparently it’s bad for you. (Who knew?)

The newest trend in jittery smoking? Caffeine inhalers, which now totally exist. Here’s the deal:

What they are: Pen-like vaporizers that cue the release of caffeine when you inhale.

How they work: The experience is exactly like an e-cigarette--a heating element transforms active ingredients like guarana, taurine and ginseng (all commonly found in energy drinks) into a vapor, which you then smoke through a cigarette-sized plastic tube.

What it feels like: Less coffee, more Red Bull-level buzz. You need only about 10 to 20 puffs to achieve the same effect as a standard 12-ounce cup of joe.

Where to buy it: Newsstands and drugstores. Eagle Energy Vapor ($9 per stick) is one of a slew of new disposable products available nationwide.

Yeah, but is it safe? The jury’s still out. Health watchdogs warn that the inhalation of any substance, including caffeine, is risky, especially since the absorption rate into the bloodstream is much, much faster. The FDA is taking a closer look at caffeine cigs (including Eagle Energy), so stay tuned.

Our verdict: We’ll stick with coffee…for now. 

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