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Be a Better Pet Owner
This dog is pampered more than many humans.

You could never put a price on Fido’s love… except when he needs cataract surgery and ends up costing you a fortune. 

Here, four new ways to make his health care easier on your wallet.

Get Rover Insured There’s no Obamacare for dogs, but Figo is a just-launched pet insurance website that’s rolling out across the country right now. It lets you buy an annual health plan (about $550 for dogs, $300 for cats), store your pet’s medical records in the cloud and find vets in your area.

Fill pet prescriptions at a human pharmacy If your pet needs a medication that’s also prescribed for people, you can save big by filling it outside the vet’s office, where prices are often marked up a whopping 100 percent. Both Walgreens and Target even allow you to put pets on the family Rx plan.

Apply for CareCredit If you don’t have the funds to pay off a large bill, consider this pet-friendly credit card, which can be used only for medical purposes but offers zero-percent interest if you pay it off in a timely fashion.

Go where care is cheapest The $6,000 cataract surgery? That’s Manhattan pricing. We called a vet in Syracuse, New York, who offered to do the exact same procedure for only $4,500. Road trip, anyone?

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