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A Workout That Tracks Everything
Orange is the new workout.

We’ve never been ones to watch the scale. We’ve got better ways to use our time. But we’re obsessed with counting our steps or working on our score in spin class--the higher the better.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to try the new-to-Chicago workout Orangetheory, where numbers are king.

Everyone in an Orangetheory class wears a heart-rate monitor strapped around their chest--you can borrow one at first, but you’ll eventually need to buy your own for $70. (You can Bluetooth it to a fitness app on your phone and use it outside of class, too.)

Under orange lights and with music pumping, an instructor led us (and 20 classmates) through bursts of weight training and planks combined with intervals on treadmills and rowing machines.

We kept our eyes glued to the screen above our head, where we could track our heart rate and compare it with everyone else’s. What? We’ve got a competitive streak.

At the end of the one-hour class, a color-coded graph displayed our results, showing how many minutes we spent in each zone and how many calories we burned: 500.

That’s an entire Big Mac! See, we can do math in our heads.

Classes $12 and $25 each depending on the package. Orangetheory Fitness, 3738 N. Halsted St. and more locations coming to Chicagoland soon;

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