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Raise your hand if you don’t get enough quality sleep. Everyone? Yep, that’s what we thought. Between long days and seemingly endless to-do lists, it's almost impossible to get the fully restorative eight hours.

Luckily, we found nine products, tips and tricks to help you drastically improve the quality of your shut-eye. Because you’re worth it.

cherry juice for sleep

1. Eat Cherries

Tart cherries are a great natural source of melatonin. Research shows that drinking a glass of cherry juice before bed could improve the length and quality of sleep.

better sleep blackout shades

2. Black Out

No, we don’t mean to suggest overdoing it on the rosé. Blackout shades are miracle workers when it comes to shutting out light, the smallest bit of which hinders your ability to get the most out of what little time you have to rest.

better sleep sleep maks

3. Get Shady

If blackout shades aren’t an option in your space (or if you’re traveling), invest in a sleep mask. We like this version from Tempur-Pedic that molds comfortably to your face and blocks out virtually all light.  

better sleep schedule

4. Stick to a Schedule

Even during vacation and on weekends, try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day. The consistency promotes better sleep at night.

comfortable pillows

5. Hack Your Pillow

You buy sneakers and sports bras according to your body’s needs, so why settle on a one-size-fits-all pillow? Bedgear pillows and accessories are uniquely designed to fit different sleep positions and body types, ensuring you’ll get the most restorative sleep possible.

read before bed

6. Create a Ritual

Whether you read for 20 minutes each night or take a hot shower, create a nighttime routine. By doing the same thing each night, your body will eventually associate that specific action with winding down and getting ready for rest.

phone sleep tracker

7. Keep Track

You use a fitness tracker to monitor your body during its waking hours; why shouldn’t you apply the same technology to sleep? The Aura is a handy device designed to monitor and improve sleep quality by using a tiny sensor that gets tucked under your mattress and corresponds with a smartphone app.

sleeping in cold room

8. Chill Out

In both senses of the phrase. Obviously you should be relaxed before bed, but it also helps to sleep in a cool room. Because your body cools as you sleep, a lower room temperature aids in the natural cooling process, improving the quality of your sleep.

clear mind Before bed

9. Free Your Mind

As hard as it is to actually do, it’s really important to clear your mind before trying to fall asleep. Since ridding our brains of worry entirely is pretty much impossible, try to make a list of what’s on your mind and forget about it until morning. A little mindfulness meditation could do wonders here as well. 

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