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You're busy. It's cold outside. You broke a nail. We get it...but that ain't no excuse to skip a workout entirely. Here, eight brilliant resources to help you break a sweat in your own space and on your own time.


Stream Classes

Cardio, conditioning, even fast-paced disco classes are on offer to stream right from your home computer.


Space-Saving Equipment

A collapsible stationary bike or elliptical machine that fits under your bed leaves you no excuses.


Car Pilates

Okay, these technically aren’t at-home moves--but if your car feels like your second home, firm up while behind the wheel.


Weighted Workout Wear

Leg lifts, calisthenics and running in place become exponentially more challenging when you’re wearing tops, bottoms and arm bands full of weights.


Easy Routines

Turn on your computer, iPhone or Android, and follow along to the Sworkit app’s surprise flow of exercises that target one body part at a time.


Pandora Playlists

The Internet-radio geniuses at Pandora released 12 stations of exercise music curated for your fitness regimen. So whether you’re in an “'80s Cardio” or “Country Fitness” mood, you have an entertaining soundtrack to sweat to.


Travel-Friendly Apps

Use easy-to-follow fitness apps like Nike Training Club at home, and you’ll be more likely to keep up the habit on the road.


Online Yoga tutorials

When you get stuck in a sun salutation rut, go to MyYogaWorks, the site whose encouraging yoga lessons let you learn basics as well as tough stuff like crow pose in the privacy of your living room.

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