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Summer, you glorious thing, you. You give us lazy afternoons and endless BBQs. Then again, there are also those humidity streaks, salty snacks…and sausage fingers as a result.

Read on for seven ways to fight seasonal bloat.


Eat more watermelon

Easy enough. Noshing on fruits like watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe can prevent bloat, thanks to their high water content and sodium-flushing potassium levels.


Sip--don’t chug--water

A small, consistent amount of H20 throughout the day can maintain a normal water level. Withholding water for hours then chugging a bunch at once will shock your system and cause the reverse effect--swelling.


Avoid Thanksgiving belly

Same goes for food. Eating smaller, more frequent meals controls your blood sugar and, in turn, reduces that overstuffed feeling. Plus, healthy snacking can manage your hunger so you’re more likely to choose smarter options like the aforementioned melons.


Suck, don’t chew

To help control sugar cravings, chewing gum has always been our go-to tip. However, mindless chewing actually creates pockets of air in your stomach--leading to bloat. Instead of gum, opt for a sugar-free peppermint, which happens to be a natural stomach relaxer.


Get on board with black coffee

The caffeine in a cup of joe contracts your colon and helps flush waste. Just watch the extras. Cream, milk and pretty much anything in the dairy family contribute to puffiness, so black it is.


Order a “splash of cran”

Cranberry juice is one of the best diuretics out there. You know that old wives’ tale about curing UTIs? It’s actually true. (Let the endless peeing begin.) And it’s super-easy to accommodate when you’re at happy hour with the girls.


Get moving

Sorry, ladies. Lounging poolside is a major culprit in making you feel like a water balloon. Do your circulation a favor and stimulate it. Even small amounts of motion (like walking up to flirt with the 25-year-old lifeguard) can help.

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