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Don’t get us wrong: Few things are more enjoyable than lounging by the pool with a frozen cocktail in hand. But sometimes you need an aquatic activity that involves a little more action than lifting a glass. Here are five that’ll get you on or in the water--and do your body some good.


Wakeboarding in Allen

At Hydrous Wake Park in Allen, all you need is time and an open mind to learn how to wakeboard. The park, situated on a large man-made lake, has multiple cables running over the water that you can use to keep yourself balanced as you get the hang of the sport. No skills are required, so you have no excuse not to get out there. Just be prepared for your arms and legs to be sore the next day.

Hydrous Wake Park, 580 N. Cedar Dr., Allen; 214-390-3088 or



Stand-Up Paddleboard in Lewisville

Celebs make it look easy, but stand-up paddleboarding is a total-body workout from core to limbs--especially when you incorporate some yoga poses. DFW Surf offers private and group classes starting as young as 5 years old. (Translation: You can bring the kids.) And after you master the paddleboard, move on up to the surf classes that are offered throughout the summer and into fall.

DFW Surf, 1481 E. Hill Park Rd., Lewisville; 972-427-4082 or

Kayak the Trinity

Some parts of the Muddy T we would rather forget (you know that awful-smelling portion that runs parallel with Downtown?). But we can’t wait to explore the pristine parts in Coppell and Fort Worth. Trinity River Kayak Company offers four different types of trips, from beginner outings to a more extreme six-hour adventure on 22 miles of river.

Trinity River Kayak Co., 1601 E. Sandy Lake Rd., Coppell; 214-513-0649 or

Row Bachman Lake

If waking up early is your thing, then congratulations, you go-getter. Check out the Dallas Rowing Club at Bachman Lake, just on the north side of Love Field. Rowing on open waters at the crack of dawn is better than coffee and offers a great leg, core and upper-body workout that you just can’t get on dry land.

Dallas Rowing Club, 2827 Shorecrest Dr.; 214-350-5183 or

Sail on White Rock Lake

Tap into your inner Thurston Howell, III, as you raise your sail on White Rock Lake in East Dallas. Sailing may not seem like a workout, but you need powerful arms and legs to raise sails, move booms and tie off ropes. But it isn’t all hard work, especially when you drop anchor at the Dallas Arboretum and relax at the Cool Thursdays concert series.

White Rock Boat Club, 340 E. Lawther Dr.; 214-327-9667 or

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