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Say it’s a Thursday. It’s not a holiday, and it’s not your birthday. But you’re in the mood to feel special and appreciate life for what it is. Sounds like the perfect time to try one of these tricks for making a great day out of any old day.


Gift Wrap Your Purchases

You’re buying yourself some new socks or replacing your favorite lipstick, and the salesperson asks, “Do you want our complimentary gift wrapping?” Why yes, you do. You’re worth a present--and it’ll be a lot more fun to open up your purchase when you get home.


Upgrade Your Wine

Do you usually limit yourself to the $13 and under bottles of vino? Go for a $20 bottle tonight. Turn on some music, pour a glass and live it up.


Prettify Your Plate

When you’re fixing your standard lunch--turkey sandwich, chips, fruit--use a real plate and a cloth napkin (the prettier, the better). Drinking an iced tea? Pretend it’s a cocktail and give it a lemon-peel twist.


Bask in the Glow

Sitting at your desk for 12 hours today? Light a pretty scented candle, place it near your computer, close your eyes for a minute and imagine you’re on the massage table at your favorite spa. Then call said spa and book an appointment.

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