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3 Ways to Try Earthing
Start with a quick shoeless lunch-hour stroll

Zap aches, pains and restless sleep with as little as a half-hour?s barefoot walk in the park--it's possible, according to proponents of earthing, a new wellness regimen.

It may sound woo-woo, but some serious physicians, athletes and Miranda Kerr (she blurbed the book about it) have vouched for the benefits of earthing, also called grounding. Basically, it?s the idea that by walking on rubber, concrete and basically everything developed, humans have lost a direct connection to the earth?s electron-rich energy.

By reconnecting with this charge, you can sleep better, experience fewer aches and pains and feel peppier. Here?s how to get started:

1, Spend 10 to 20 minutes a day with some exposed body part directly touching the ground. (A nap in the park works for us.)

2. No time for a leisurely stroll outdoors? Experience indoor grounding by resting your feet on a grounding mat ($60) or half-sheet ($140) that plugs into the third hole of a three-prong outlet.

3. Wear specially-designed shoes with copper insoles that increase conductivity. These leather flip-flops (from $70) are way cuter than most sensible footwear.

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