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The Best Real, Funny (and Really Funny) Beauty Quotes On Pinterest

These hilarious and wise quotes about beauty are just too good not to share. Let's get pinning. 

Rouge Coco, I trusted you.

Are you a tortoise or a hare?

Imagine a world with no humidity...


Nobody needs to see this.

Your eyes look awesome ;)

No, really, which is it?

Third time this month.

My soul needs makeup.

A tale of two arches.

What's your dream beauty skill?

What's your destress go-to?

But it had a cute packaging!

Life advice.

That eyebrow contouring tho.

Is there any other way?

We promise we can change.

Or just lipstick.

Life goals.

Needles or no?

Every time.

Hello, hair tie.

Cool lips all summer long.

This seems...backwards.