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This Cooling Body Gel Is Saving Our Summer Skin

Raise your hand if it takes you forever to cool down after a workout? Well, much to my surprise (though I should never be surprised, given eyebrow wigs exist), there is a product created specifically for sweaty, overheated gals like you and me: Yuni Rise & Chill Cooling Body Gel.

This lightweight gel is meant to be used pre- or post-workout to cool your skin and give you a boost of aromatherapy energy. I tried it after a TRX class that left me particularly beet-faced and was shocked at how effective it was. 

After showering, I massaged a few pumps of gel onto my arms, legs and torso and immediately took note of how quickly it absorbed. Then, everything started to tingle. Seriously, it felt as if someone had run an ice cube over my skin and blown a fan in my direction. And the sensation lasted well into my commute so that even while I was trekking through the New York City subway, I didn’t sweat a drip.

Another unexpected bonus of the gel is that it’s actually making me better at moisturizing my body (which has always been my number one fail as a beauty editor). With aloe vera and green-tea extract, it’s an excellent option for people who hate the sticky feeling of most lotions. In fact, lately I’ve been slathering this stuff on whenever I need a little boost (usually around 3 p.m.) because it feels so refreshing on my skin. I'm telling you: It's the one thing you never knew you needed but won't be able to live without once you try it. 

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