The Free and Genius Way to Improve Your Skin This Winter

It has to do with your skin-care-routine speed

We’ve given you the best winter skin-care routine ever. We’ve even suggested the best products to use as the temperature drops. But did you know that the speed of all this matters even more?

We didn’t either, until we discovered this eye-opening tip from celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau. She told Byrdie that it’s imperative to cut down on the time you take between winter skin-care steps.

What you do: Immediately after cleansing--while the skin is still damp and the pores are still open--you should quickly apply your toner, serum, moisturizer, eye creams, everything. Hurry, hurry. 

Why you’re doing this: Rouleau says that by speeding up your routine, you’re ensuring that your skin stays hydrated throughout the entire process. Hydrated skin is better able to absorb products--especially important during dry cold-weather months.

What you do next: In the morning, let the total products seep in and follow with your makeup. And at night, you can hop into bed and catch up on “Serial” even sooner.